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IoT & Cloud Transformation for an Integrated and Automated Payment Technology Leader

Casestudy IoT Payment Solution Cloud Machine Learning

Our client focuses on delivering next-generation device management systems to secure cash and cashless solutions. They wanted to develop an IoT & Cloud-enabled platform and portal to integrate and manage legacy devices, applications, and new devices and payment solutions and simplify remote business operations.
As a technology partner, e-Zest helped the client transform the conventional device management aspect into a fully-fledged remote device monitoring and real-time tracking solution empowered with IoT & Cloud technologies. Two key tenets of our solutions were portal and platform.

The following are the business outcomes -
• Simpler and Smoother onboarding of customers and devices
• Real-time tracking of sales
• Completely automated processes
e-Zest not only understood the scope perfectly but overcame all the challenges to meet the client’s vision and requirements within the timeline.
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Using advanced technology and Machine learning, the end-to-end visualization-based solution enabled the client to compare data, process millions of records, and generate advanced analytics. The benefits of the solution included: 

  • Developing a seamlessly fast claims comparison solution 
  • Identifying mismatched records based on PBM rules 
  • Data visualization 
  • Claim analysis dashboards - data understanding and exploration 
  • Machine Learning Dashboards for claim triage and comparative analysis 

For more details, fill out the form to read the detailed case study. 

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