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Cloud Managed Services SLA

Using the cloud as a growth vehicle for your business

Category/Priority Definitions

Priority levels that are to be followed for SLAs to support TAM are defined as follows:

Priority LevelDescription
P1 – Urgent A call is urgent if a business process / functionality / product cannot be carried out. The product is unusable, resulting in a critical impact on its operation. No workaround is available.
P2 – High A call is high priority if the business process / functionality / software will operate but its operation is severely restricted.  Probably very complicated workaround is available.
P3 – Medium A call is medium priority if business process / functionality / software will operate with a usable workaround.
P4 – Low The business process / functionality / software can be used with only slight inconvenience and does not meet above priorities.

When an Incident is detected by the Supplier, its Severity level is determined by the Supplier and then confirmed by Customer.

Change of Severity level of an Incident cannot be done without Customer agreement.

SLA Timelines

All team members must ensure that the first response to every new issue is sent within the stipulated time period, which is defined for different priority levels as follows:

Priority LevelResponse TimeRepair Time
P1 – Critical Within 1 hour 90% in 5 hours
P2 – High Within 2 hours 90% in 10 hours
P3 – Medium Within 6 hours 90% in 20 hours
P4 – Low Within 10 hours 90% in 45 hours

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