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Cloud Management Services

Using the cloud as a growth vehicle for your business

Managing Cloud means managing the huge array of application stacks hosted on Cloud with right provisioning, architecting, configuring, and benchmarking. It also means monitoring application performance and utilization of resources that leads to maximum control on the virtually hosted resources with minimal efforts.

With active monitoring and automation tools and services offered by e-Zest, you can increase the speed of your work flow with minimal cost. e-Zest’s cloud management services ensure your cloud-based resources are optimized to its peak, working towards interacting with its users and other services to function properly. Our collection of cloud management tools will give you a flexible and scalable cloud computing strategy.

e-Zest’s cloud management services largely include functions that involve:

  • Performance monitoring
  • Log aggregation
  • Configuration management
  • Security
  • Compliance audit and management
  • Disaster recovery and contingency planning

e-Zest assists enterprises seeking operational agility, tighter integration and better IT governance across applications and platforms through its cloud management services. We help you design, develop, and deploy automated cloud management ecosystems, across platforms and providers. Our cloud experts at e-Zest leverage their expertise to enable clients to design cloud operations frameworks that manage their public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. Alternatively, we offer cloud management of your environment through our cloud management platform.

e-Zest’s cloud management platform is a configurable policy-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) model that offers you a highly automated provisioning of resources designed for enterprise with cloud automation needs. In addition to this, e-Zest’s cloud automation and management platform also provides you configuration of security measures, monitoring, management and orchestration of resources on the Cloud. The platform is designed to expedite the infrastructure set-up giving the complete control to your system administrators with minimal efforts, time and cost.

To know more about various features and benefits e-Zest’s cloud management platform offers, contact our cloud management experts today. You can reach out to us at info@e-zest.com. Our cloud experts will be ready to help you.

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