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Corporate Social Responsibility

Because sometimes a helping hand is all that matters

e-Zest believes that true drive towards working in a coherent, coexistent environment comes from the satisfaction of extending initiatives for a bigger goal, towards betterment of the society. While we strive to achieve success in the business realm, we have always been consciously contributing to the various needs of the society. Our philosophy echoes the sentiment of philanthropy, but in the most engaging form.  As a corporate, we are committed through our corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities in giving back to the society in many ways than one.

In order to create and maintain a more sustainable society, e-Zest has been engaged in various CSR initiatives.

Environment initiative: Green is the color to be for the world today! The rising, alarming deforestation has already begun to show its various ramifications in an adverse manner.

e-Zest is committed to play its role in creating a greener society. To promote plantation benefits amongst its own team members and the society a Tree Plantation Camp was held near Chaturshrungi Temple at Pune. Team members participated in the most satisfying work that one can undertake – laying the foundation for future generations to flourish, by providing them with a greener and healthier environment!

Health initiative: e-Zest cares and will always. Saving life can come through various ways and for us we contribute our way through donating blood. Biannually a blood donation camp is organized within the premises of e-Zest in partnership with various Blood banks and NGOs.  Taking responsibility has been an intrinsic part of e-Zest’s work culture and the participation sees a huge and enthusiastic response every time.

‘Joy’ is the central theme at work at e-Zest and we have always supported various activities that revolve around happiness and health. e-Zest participates in Pune International Marathon which are organized for different causes such as ‘save a girl child’ or ‘AIDS awareness’ with an overwhelming response and we will stay committed to the activity for years to come.

Community initiative: As an organization we mainly encourage people’s strengths, hence adopting a very humane approach comes naturally to us. People and the community at large are very important and we value it the most. Hence our CSR activities also comprises of Yogdaan- the Joy of giving week. It reinforces the instinct to share and give away goods, grains, toys etc. that can be of value to the less privileged is the central theme of this CSR initiative. e-Zestians, with all their enthusiasm, donate various articles and other useful things that are sure to make a difference someone’s life.

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