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Whitepaper - Cultivating Mental Health Excellence: Unveiling the 9Cs of Value-Based Care

Value-Based Care Mental Health Providers VBC Model

The healthcare reimbursement system is transforming, moving towards Value-Based Care (VBC), in which providers receive payment contingent on the quality of care they provide, with a focus on patient outcomes rather than the quantity of services rendered.

Grand View Research's recent analysis estimated the US VBC healthcare market at USD 3.22 trillion in 2021, projecting a 7.5% CAGR from 2022 to 2030, encompassing diverse payer-provider contracts.

While VBC has flourished in physical health, its integration into mental health remains in its infancy due to its minimal share of healthcare spending, compounded by provider shortages, especially in rural areas. Recent studies highlight a surge in emergency visits related to mental health issues, indicating a potential for increased VBC engagement in mental health.

Certain US states have initiated tailored Medicaid plans for mental health, and innovative approaches like Crossover Health in California are bundling mental health services with primary care under pay-for-performance models.

As the VBC momentum penetrates mental healthcare, providers must equip themselves with the requisite resources proper teams, defined protocols, and tech-enabled platforms—to thrive in this model.

This whitepaper emphasizes the '9Cs of Value-Based Care' model, outlining nine critical areas for mental health providers to prioritize for success in the VBC landscape.

To learn more, download the detailed whitepaper.

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