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DevOps Solutions

Take advantage of our broad range of technology services

The popular cloud, micro-services and app-based technology applications require running on continuous deployment mode. Therefore, a robust, standardized and resilient platform is needed to reduce cycle time and enable extremely fast conversion of requirements to production.

DevOps has emerged as a direct and practical option to achieve this goal with a unified approach. Delivering high-quality and modern applications requires DevOps tools and processes. e-Zest is experienced in the Microsoft application lifecycle management offerings that enable your development teams to be more productive.


ALM brings together different teams, platforms, and activities on a single plate. This enables a continuous flow of business value. e-Zest is a specialist in the delivery of a full Application Lifecycle implementation. Our experts help to:

  • Measure current ALM process
  • Identify GAPS and improvement areas
  • Measure enhanced productivity

With DevOps you could achieve continuous delivery process automation through following services:

  • DevOps Consulting and Architecture Services
  • Configuration & Environment Provisioning Automation
  • Build and Engineering Services – CICD Assessment and implementation
  • DevOps on Cloud and Hybrid

Technology Stack:

  • Azure
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services
  • Chef
  • Puppet
  • PowerShell

e-Zest also helps in the implementation and enabling processes by:

  • DevOps training
  • DevOps Assessment
  • DevOps planning
  • DevOps governance and architecture
  • Technology assessment 
  • Customization of tools
  • Custom reporting
  • Management support

Whether you’re just getting started with your DevOps strategy or you need help maintaining your current system, our DevOps specialists are here to help. For more queries and information, please feel free to contact us at info@e-zest.com. You could also tweet us at @ezest.

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