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Enterprise Content Management

Improving efficiency through collaboaration solutions

Every business generates huge amount of data and at the same time also stores and analyzes it. But only few clearly see the value it contains. For this, you need new ways of collaboration that allows your enterprise to freely operate with your people including employees, stakeholders, and customers.

Content becomes more of a liability than an asset once it only starts getting accumulated. e-Zest’s content management puts your organization in control of your content. Our solutions offer you a single and secure portal with an ability to collaborate, whether it is email, documents, or web assets.

e-Zest’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions do exactly that, converting the unstructured data that is difficult to interpret or share into information that is open and flexible which can operate safely in cloud. This enables organizations to be more productive and agile that creates an environment of innovation within your enterprise.

Enterprise Social Collaboration is all about getting what you need and where and when you get it from. This new system of collaboration brings speed and innovation in all areas of business. ECM if correctly implemented increases efficiency, lowers costs, and delivers growth. The right blend of ECM and social networking with the combination of traditional enterprise collaboration tools is bringing about the next big wave of business processes that will be game changers in creating borderless yet connected enterprises. Turning paper into digital can itself reduce costs up to 30% and automation of workflows increases productivity by more than 80%. e-Zest’s ECM strategy ensures your organization attains both through a consistent information management approach.

Enterprise Content Management with SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint has become the preferred collaboration choice and knowledge-sharing for many enterprises. It is fast evolving to meet the global requirements. e-Zest has invested in SharePoint expertise. We offer end-to-end SharePoint services from industry specific consultancy services to advanced managed services. These include hosting and technical support.

e-Zest’s Enterprise Content Management facilitates you with the following:

  • Fast track effective adoption– Empowering your people to take control of knowledge and collaboration.
  • Consolidate and harmonize – We help you evaluate current ECM by breaking down content silos to consolidate and harmonize collaboration along your enterprise.
  • Document management and archiving – We ensure securely managed electronic media files for easy retrieval. Our designs are based on compliance guidelines of your specific legal and governance profile through content policy.
  • Improved integration – Our ECM practice gives your business a unique advantage by revealing opportunities of integration between your ECM and other business systems like ERP and accounting.

Want to know more about ECM? Contact us at info@e-zest.com and our content experts will get in touch with you.

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