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Reducing Operational Inefficiencies with Accelerated Digitalization

Reducing Operational Inefficiencies with
Accelerated Digitalization

Turn your data into a value generation engine. Get a customized roadmap for harnessing the power of data and AI.

Consider moving from Excel-based processes and systems to web-based applications that can be utilized by all global teams.

ExcelToWeb is a comprehensive platform for Accelerated Transformation to Web Applications that replace the use of Excel. It reduces the efforts and costs for this transformation by up to 70%. It provides advanced out of the box features such as version management, role-based access data, MIS reporting and more.

ExcelToWeb is trusted by several global enterprises for their digital transformation journey - From overuse of Excelsheets to Comprehensive Web Applications.

Risks due to extensive use of Excel Sheets


Drivers for moving out of Excel-based processes

Digitization icon


Replace existing Excel based systems and processes with web applications which can be accessed by all global teams

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ExcelToWeb is an enterprise-scale application generation framework. RAPID Development and Deployment ensures immediate business benefits

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Generate MIS & Business Intelligence reports to meet strategic business goals of your organization

A comprehensive platform



Single sign-on that provides user authentication & authorization ensuring robust security



Eliminates accidental error-prone nature of spreadsheet & provides a consistent form of generating data


Enterprise wide

Multiple users across the globe can work on the same  process as storage of data is centrally maintained in the tool


Rich MI

Data required for reporting purposes is easily obtained along with automated report generation & BI capabilities



Addresses Core data (Meta Data) needs across client locations



Several location and time specific data can be configured & maintained effectively with appropriate versioning



Email alerts, notifications for approval, sharing of various reports can be easily handled within the application



Scalable and high-performance solution with high availability

Benefits of moving from Excel to the Web

  • ExcelToWeb is an enterprise-scale application generation framework
  • RAPID Development and Deployment ensures quick business benefits
  • Besides the Web Application, it also embeds security, roles-based access, comprehensive BI, Versioning
  • Deploy on a product of your choice
  • Use your own UI templates and branding
  • You own the application code

ExcelToWeb platform ensures rapid delivery and up to 70% cost reduction as compared with alternative approaches


  • Increased enterprise productivity
  • Reduce and eventually eliminate issues due to multiple edits and versioning
  • ExcelToWeb offers inbuilt management reporting and data access control 


  • With no versioning errors, extensive wastage due to rework and reconciliation is eliminated 
  • Centrally hosted web solution reduces replicated local storage and extensive local computing of management reports and analytics

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