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Finance Auditing Solutions with AI-Driven Integration Excellence

Casestudy Payment Platform AI Solution Financial Systems

The client is a leading provider of AI-driven software for modern finance teams. Their specialized AI-powered software automates and simplifies tasks such as expense reporting, auditing, and compliance processes. The client’s AI platform employed a third-party Enterprise Bus called Jitterbit for the purpose of integrating its products to various third-party systems and ERPs. However, this component proved to be outdated, unstable, unscalable, and costly. The platform consistently encountered difficulties in ensuring the smooth functioning of these integrations, given that they needed to integrate with 10-15 different third-party ERPs and applications already in place on the client's platform.

To resolve these issues e-Zest employed an Integration/Connector Factory approach using a powerful workflow engine - Temporal – to integrate a greater number of financial systems within their platform within a shorter span of time. Following with the major business outcomes of our solution:

  • It facilitates seamless connectivity and data exchange between multiple applications
  • The integrators are developing into potential revenue channels
  • Faster deployment
  • Stable & workflow-driven enterprise bus
  • Reduced cost & coding efforts for any new integration
  • No dependency on third-party support

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