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Visualizing technology ideas

It is a documented fact that when knowledge or an idea is presented in Visual form, the illustrated data gains more retention in the on lookers mind and also it is an effective way to communicate information. Infographics are graphic visual representations of data and information which are very popular nowadays. It is a great example of combining information and visuals for maximum persuasion. Going with the trend, we present our new section on Infographics.

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This infographic is a visual representation about Green Computing. Green IT is a thriving phenomenon adopted by many corporate IT departments nowadays. Green Computing initiatives help to reduce the environmental impacts of IT operations by reducing environmental problems as well as decrease energy consumption which in turn helps in saving costs. e-Zest as a company is in the league of IT companies using Green IT. We do that by using Cloud Computing which involves SaaS (CRM, Collaborative, ERM), PaaS (Application Development, Decision Support, Web, Streaming and IaaS (Caching, Legacy, Networking, Security, File, Technical and System Management.


Social e-learning embodies characteristics of informal and formal learning, thus allowing a blend of personal and social qualities. Knowledge Courses, Assessments &Surveys, Events &Workshops, Scorm, AICC (e-learning course) are the next generation e-learning platforms on offer. The highlighting features of social e-Learning are Blogging and Micro-blogging, Media sharing, social network, communication, and Collaboration. Social networks like you Tube, Skype, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. help to achieve higher levels of social e-learning, thus enhancing the overall process of social e-learning.



There are certain crucial criteria to meet before you move your apps. However, there are five essential criteria one cannot afford to ignore such as licensing, infrastructure needs, support, redundancy and data locality. This infographic gives you a visual snapshot of these criteria.


This infographic gives out a detailed picture about advanced persistent threats for organizations such as reconnaissance, weaponization and delivery, exploitation, installation of malware, command for remote manipulation.


This infographic takes you through a step-wise visual representation about how to make Big Data work for SMEs right from defining the objectives, identifying sources of data to analyzing reports and using the data to profit the organization.


The above infographic explains why it is essential for every business to have a business analyst for successful execution of projects. It also shows various internal and external stakeholders involved in the project and how a Business Analyst acts as a catalyst for smooth coordination between them.

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