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Migrating from Flex to HTML5

Leveraging next-gen technologies to deliver the best digital experiences

It’s been couple of years that Adobe donated the Flex Framework to the Apache Foundation. Ever since that, the road has been downhill for Flex. No doubt that Flex-based development was a strong option for developers in the past, but HTML5 is fast becoming the preferred option owing to its rich features.

HTML5 is a core technology mark-up language and can be used for front-end development of a website. Flex had become popular when Jobs had famously ignored Flash products on Apple products. However, HTML5 works on Apple Devices as seamlessly as Flex did at its peak. Using this new technology, developers can create responsive apps like a breeze. It supports the latest multimedia content and adds new syntactic features. It offers significant improvements in the quality and capability of browser-based web applications. The apps work effortlessly across multiple devices, resolutions and browsers. Recognising the wide scope of this new technology, many enterprises now want to move their apps from Flex to HTML5.

While this may be a prudent move, the transition is definitely not a smooth process. It usually involves writing an application from scratch, and that is never an easy task. Apart from the tough task of coding again, it is also very difficult to maintain the existing application UI. But enterprises can make this switch easily by partnering with e-Zest and leveraging its deep understanding and experience of working with HTML5 and its related technologies – Javascript and CSS.

e-Zest follows a systematic approach and offers migration solutions customised to the client’s timeframe, cost considerations and code intricacies. There are a number of approaches for migration and defining the right approach is often a challenge. However, e-Zest’s technical expertise makes sure that it chooses the best one for the client’s web application.

Currently, migrating from Flex to HTML5 is an arduous job and it is imperative to choose the right approach, tools and technology partners to make this switch. e-Zest has hands-on experience of working with tools such as Google Swify, Adobe CreateJS and Sencha which offer great migration support.

HTML5 is the future of web application development and it makes tremendous sense to consider the switch to the technology now. e-Zest provides the perfect solutions to build robust applications based on this great, new and futuristic technology.

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