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PBM Consultant

Dallas (USA) / Remote
  • PBA Setup
  • PBM Regulatory
  • Patient Assistance
  • Clinical Transformation

We are looking for PBM Consultants full-time or
part-time with 8+ Years of experience in setting up & building PBMs.

  • Experience in working and setting up PBA would be highly desirable
  • Should be aware of the industry's direction and where it is heading
  • Familiarity with the best practices in the PBM field is required
  • Should be able to envision the future PBM setup for the Patient Assistance Programs, Self-funded Commercial, Coupon Programs, Incentive Model, Formulary / Clinical Transformation, PBM Regulatory, and Compliance programs
  • Should have knowledge of the dos and don'ts associated with the above-mentioned programs
  • Should have knowledge about the new trends in the PBMs products and features
  • Should have Business Knowledge and experience in setting up the following:
  • Patient Assistance Programs
  • Self-funded Commercial PBM setup
  • Coupon Programs
  • Incentive Model
  • Formulary / Clinical Transformation
  • PBM Regulatory and Compliance

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