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Content Management Product Development The CM product is the complete document creation & management system for the execution & control of Virtual University in European countries. This .NET application serves as the interface covering the Digital University, subscriber universities & the institutions as an end user.

This has an aim of converting to workflow management, better control over the documentation, sharing & learning. More

Tickets Exchange Portal
Tickets Exchange Portal (TEP) is e-business portal of B2C (Business to consumer) type. It fulfills the need of online selling and buying of the tickets of registered live events from multiple categories of events. 
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US State Board – Online Licensing System 
Online licensing System is enterprise portal for automising the process of licensing for individuals over the internet.
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Automotive Management Software (AMS) Product Development
AMS is a client server, multilingual garage management software package that has been specially designed for the automobile sector like Vehicle Showrooms, independent motor traders and Vehicle Garages.AMS covers varios activities and functionalities like Sales (New and Used vehicles), Service, maintenance, Customer, Suppliers, Stock and Inventory (Vehicle Part and Oils), Service Planning, Resource allotment, Reporting, Web page creater and FTP application, Web Trader etc.
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Project Tracking System
FreemanWhite is high end construction company based in North Carolina USA. It executes construction projects all over the world. For their offshore construction projects to be handled properly they were looking for web based project management software.
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DataSync – ODBC based Data Import / Export Utility
The intent of this utility is to allow a user to import data from a comma delimited ASCII text file into an ODBC database e.g. Microsoft Access, FoxPro or SQL Server and update the tables with the data. Also, this utility will allow a user to export data from an ODBC database e.g. Microsoft Access, FoxPro or SQL Server to a comma delimited ASCII text file.
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SMS List Management System for Portals
A web application for SMS list management feature as the >application service provider for the other portal, along with the Desktop application and MIDLET to synchronize the SMS mailing list.
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Workplace Management System for Corporate finance firm
WMS is work place management software that efficiently manages workflow for different transactions in various products of Corporate finance firm. It handles storage of all the transactions and generates various reports on the basis of the same.
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IDEMS – Income-Deposition-Expenditure Management System
IDEMS (Income-Deposition-Expenditure Management System) is a financial package developed to handle various money transactions of a company. IDEMS manages the data related to income of the company, Deposition of this income in banks and the expenditure made.
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