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Price Evaluation & Forecasting Tool For Tourism Company

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Every organization today is leveraging the power of digital transformation in one way or the other. But as the dependence on digital increases, it creates large amounts of unstructured data, which needs a modern and flexible approach to turn chaos into value. Data modernization is the ideal step for these digital enterprises, as it enables organizations to streamline business processes, gain real-time analytics and make smarter, data-driven business decisions.

A Fortune 500 travel and tourism company wanted to modernize its Excel-based calculator to be replaced by a custom-designed Price Evaluation & Forecasting Tool. The objective was to ensure that its team got up-to-date information on pricing and margins across multiple regions, which included hotel splitting, packages, and geographic locations, to provide customers with accurate and competitive pricing in a few simple clicks.

e-Zest, as the digital innovation partner, helped the client develop, implement, and modernize this process using the power of advanced technology and a unique data modernization approach. The benefits of this approach include:

  • Improved accuracy with the estimates since it was data-based instead of the previous manual process resulting in commercial growth
  • 100% automated data access and ingestion, making the entire process lot simpler and faster
  • Iterative process to try various pricing & forecasting combinations before rolling out final prices
  • Immediate Price & Margin forecasting results with Real-time report generation to provide immediate feedback to the price evaluation team

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