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Prototype JavaScript framework

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Prototype is a JavaScript framework that aims to ease development of dynamic web applications. It is kind of a JavaScript library which enables us to manipulate Document Object Model in a very easy way.

Prototype takes the complexity out of client-side web programming. It is built to solve real-world problems; it adds useful extensions to the browser scripting environment and provides elegant APIs around the clumsy interfaces of Ajax and the Document Object Model.

Features of Prototype:

  • Extends DOM elements and built-in types with useful methods.
  • Has built-in support for class-style OOP including inheritance.
  • Has advanced support for JavaScript event management
  • Has powerful Ajax utilities
  • Cross Browser Support
  • HTML Forms

At e-Zest, while doing JavaScript programming, it is required to handle different Web Browsers differently. Therefore, we use prototype framework in such a way that it takes care of all the compatibility issues and we can do cross browser programming without any hassle.

XMLHttpRequest, however, exposes the HTTP protocol at a very low level, which gives the developers of e-Zest lot of power to write excellent code. We use prototype framework which has its own object inheritance system and also provides a hierarchy of Ajax helper objects, with more generic base classes being subclassed by more focused helpers that allow the most common types of Ajax request to be coded in a single line.

We at e-Zest use prototype framework extensively and it provides our developers with helper methods that ease some of the strain of DOM programming. Using Prototype, we manipulate DOM very easily.

As we know with Ajax, other input mechanisms, such as drag and drop, can be used as part of a conversation between the browser and the server. With conventional JavaScript programming it is difficult to capture these inputs and pass them to the server. e-Zest eliminates this problem and provides a set of utilities for working with HTML forms with the help of prototype framework.

In case of event handling at e-Zest, developers prefer using prototype framework because it provides some excellent cross-browser support when coding events, and also extends the Function object to make it easy to work.

We basically focus on the most important feature of Prototype that is its support for Ajax. All major browsers support a version of the XMLHttpRequest object that makes Ajax possible, either as an ActiveX component or as a native JavaScript object.

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