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Senior SQL DBA

  • SQL, DBA
  • Stored Procedure
  • Performance Optimization

We are looking for a Senior SQL DBA with 4+ years of experience.

  • Experience on parallel data loading, Database migration, External tables
  • Experience with Database Fragmentation, Database Maintenance tasks
  • Experience with Database table partitioning and table maintenance
  • Optimize and fine tune database systems to maximize their performance and operation
  • Skilled at optimizing large complicated SQL statements
  • Server Monitoring (Disk, CPU and Memory usage) and Resource Management
  • SQL Server Error Log monitoring
  • Index, Views and Store Procedures Optimization
  • Patching and Upgrading SQL Server (Both versions & platform)
  • Hands on with SQL Profiler/Extended Event/Perfmon
  • Implementing and Managing multi-node clusters
  • Knowledge of best practices when dealing with relational databases
  • Capable of troubleshooting common database issues
  • Familiar with tools that can aid with profiling server resource usage and optimizing
  • Strong in MS SQL Development and Troubleshoot DB issues
  • Experience with SSAS preferred but not required
  • SQL Server Development experience including stored procedures / trigger development performance tuning a plus
  • Work directly with existing team to write and review code
  • Augment Team lead responsibilities when team lead is unavailable
  • Provide guidance to the team around Business Intelligence Best Practices
  • Support the team through the entire Project Life Cycle

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