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SmarterMe App

An Android and iOS App for Salesforce by e-Zest

SmarterMe provides a smart place to integrate all your CRM apps in one place so that the conversations, and interactions between your clients and team members over email and phone calls becomes easier and far more productive.

Sales Productivity Redefined!

Project Goal
SmarterMe is an intelligent native mobile app acting as Command Center for Sales. When coupled with Salesforce it helps the salesperson be more productive "on the go" by bringing the right applications and insight into their Inbox where they can take contextual actions with a few taps on their mobile. SmarterMe acts as a personal assistant to suggest the next best actions in order to speed up and improve efficiency of your Pipeline, Sales Productivity, Sales Win Rate, Forecast accuracy and Revenue. SmarterMe can be synced with Gmail and Outlook, all calendars, phone, text / SMS, salesforce.com, Box, Drop Box, Google Drive, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. The app also deduces Sales IQ (intelligence) based on insights gained from enterprise data of the user.

It is fully customisable for customer's sales process.

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Challenges and Solutions
This product was developed from scratch by our team. A sample was studied and information architecture was made suitable for various scenarios. The content was finalised and then brought out in wireframe format. Visual strategy documents were circulated and discussed among the product stakeholders. Once there was consensus on strategy, our team started shaping the skeleton.

App available online for all Android and iOS devices.

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