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Future of work after COVID - 19
This webinar was held on July 30, 2020.
The future of work has been a topic of interest and discussion for many- changing demographics, prominent Gen Zs and millennials in the workforce, evolving technologies that enable remote working, artificial intelligence and augmented reality being some of the drivers behind it. However, COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the “Future of Work” and has come as a shock.

Stephen Forte Stephen Forte LinkedIn Stephen Forte Twitter
An accomplished Silicon Valley entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist, will share his insights and experiences with the audience. “Future of Work” is his topic of interest and he has been advising tech start-ups and ISVs in this space for a long time.
Girish Chandra Girish Chandra LinkedIn Girish Chandra Twitter Girish Chandra Blogs
Chief Evangelist of e-Zest, will set the tone and moderate the session. Girish keeps keen interest in understanding changes in workforce, technologies & surroundings and impact of those on future of work. 
This webinar was held on July 2, 2020.
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Topics that were covered in the webinar
  • 2030 trends of future of work going into 2020
  • Year 2025 will be new 2030
  • Trends, technologies and tools
  • Opportunities and issues
  • Death of the physical office?

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