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How Consumerism is Driving Digital Transformation in Healthcare
This webinar was held on October 29, 2020.
Digital health is the convergence of digital technologies into all areas of healthcare to fundamentally change the way systems operate, function and deliver good healthcare to patients. The healthcare industry has seen an accelerated digitalization owning to the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to the health-care systems becoming safer, affordable, and accessible to patients. Moreover, it has made the healthcare companies rethink business processes and make them more patient-centric and affordable.
Our session was a guide for healthcare executives and technology providers involved in the ongoing digital transformation of the healthcare sector. 

Key takeaways that were covered in this webinar

  • Understanding of the current state of digital transformation and the factors influencing the ongoing transformation of the healthcare sector
  • Changing nature of technology adoption in the times of COVID 19
  • Best practices to ensure a smooth digital transformation for healthcare ecosystem
  • Patient engagement, competitive pressures, and pandemic are the primary drivers of digital transformation in COVID-19 era

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