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Whitepaper - Enhance Competency and Delivery while working with Distributed Global Teams

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The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed traditional work lifestyles, with everyone having to work from home in a bid to follow social distancing norms. Enterprises worldwide are resorting to using online collaboration tools to ensure business continuity in this situation.

As a result, distributed multi-shoring has emerged as a trending point of discussion. Even as they consider how to revive business after the pandemic subsides, many companies are considering continuing the distributed multishoring model. Having observed that model can drive efficiency, flexibility, cost savings and agility in the business, even those companies that never or partially outsourced/offshored are considering adopting this model. To ensure this shift is a success, IT vendors will have to prepare to make the model more resilient by adopting the right set of tools and processes.

This whitepaper is an advisory to decision makers at technology product companies on the four key parameters they must look at while engaging with technology vendors and executing a successful offshoring strategy.

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