Azure Cloud Application Development Services

Onboarding you to the powerful Azure cloud

With the advent of cloud technology, small as well as large enterprises are moving their applications on cloud to store and access data on the go and maintain the confidentiality. In this paradigm, Azure has also transformed the way enterprises deal with cloud technology by providing them with a full-scale development platform focused on core-functionality. Azure is one of the best cloud services to change the way your applications operate in a simple and cost-effective manner.

e-Zest offers Azure application development services to leverage the power of cloud computing for your organization. e-Zest also provides other set of Azure services like automation, load balancing, auto-scaling and monitoring. We have successfully implemented Azure projects and also have rich experience in delivering applications that are hosted on Azure.

Our Offerings in Microsoft Azure include:

Here are 4 benefits of deploying applications on Azure:

  • Using Azure as your cloud computing platform can enable to solely focus upon developing the functionality of the application as Azure takes care of all your infrastructure needs. This can help you to reach the market within fraction of time.
  • Azure provides you with pay-as-you-go model where you have to pay only for what you are using which in return can reduce the costs for the cloud.
  • Moving your applications to Azure can enable you to scale your application by just increasing the capacity according to number of concurrent users.
  • Microsoft Azure comes with extra flexibility wherein your applications can be easily deployed on the cloud without affecting the actual functionality.
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