JavaScript Development Frameworks

Leveraging JavaScript to deliver the best digital experiences

The number of web applications being created, used and the sheer complexity of them, especially on the front-end has grown rapidly since the new millennium. This has accounted for complex development cycles. However, JavaScript frameworks has made it reasonably simple.

The main aim of the JS framework is to simplify front end application development. It is meant to supplement the Microsoft AJAX Library and jQuery. With the growing popularity of JS Frameworks, and the dizzying array of choices, it offers the following options of frameworks that can be used:

At e-Zest, we use JS Frameworks to create responsive, fluid, and maintainable interfaces for web apps. We also use this when there is data to be sent back to the server, when results are to be parsed, when there are data stores which are to be updated, views which are to be re-rendered and also in solving other needs to be done in the background.

Desktop developers at e-Zest make use of various JS Frameworks to make apps which are easier with robust tools and well defined workflows. The rise in the number of web apps has really made it apparent that world needs better tools and frameworks today. Sensing this e-Zest has started building websites and web applications using JS frameworks which has a staggering amount of UI solutions.

e-Zest has professional JS developers who have expertise in building very rich and interactive front-ends using these JS frameworks.

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