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Dr. Bhushan Bonde

Chief Scientist Healthcare

Bhushan Bonde leads the Innovation Development for Pharmaceutical R&D, primarily focused on application of AI and ML for developing better disease treatments and using novel methods like Quantum Computing (QC) for application to Drug Discovery and AI Deep Learning methods.

With more than 2 decades of experience, Bhushan is an expert in meta and advanced data analytics using Machine and AI/Deep Learning techniques for drug discovery, Systems Biology modelling, Genetics (GWAS/PheWAS) based Patient stratification and NGS data analysis.

Bhushan has worked across industries universities and government research institutes throughout his career. Bhushan received his PhD in Systems Biology and Mathematical Modelling from Oxford University in 2006, and also holds an interdisciplinary M. Tech in Bioprocess technology/Chemical Eng. (2001) and a Bachelor in Pharmacy (1998).

He has a deep interest in biological data mining and visualization, mathematical algorithm design, high-performance scientific computing and simulation modelling of biological systems. Bhushan is also always on the lookout for disruptive technologies such as next-generation sequencing, NoSQL techniques for data integration, gene signature-based mapping for drug repurposing, digital/sensors data and biological imaging.

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