Solr is the most popular open source enterprise search platform in use today. The use of Solr technology is on the rise due to its alluring qualities of being reliable, fast, supported, open source, and also because it offers tunable scoring. Being a cross platform solution it works equally well on both Linux and Windows operating system.

Enterprise data search is very practical in terms of saving time and increasing consistency in managing your work. Hence many enterprises are opting for enterprise data search solutions. e-Zest specializes in providing the best solution to your data search efforts.

There are significant benefits of running your enterprise search functions through e-Zest Enterprise instead of native Solr, the benefits include:

  • Absolutely fault-tolerant search architecture
  • Superior search indexes with the ability to span multiple data centers
  • CQL supports Solr queries
  • Linear performance scalability derived due to the addition of new search nodes online
  • Segregation of all real-time, Hadoop, and Solr workloads which helps in preventing competition between workloads for both compute resources or data
  • The capacity to read/write to any Solr node
  • Automatic indexing of data stored in Cassandra
  • Data replication that is automatic and transparent
  • Ability to allow selective updates of one or more individual fields instead of having to update the complete document

Solr search features boasts of additional searching capabilities and advanced search algorithms. Among its most innovative and exciting features are:

  • Usage of stopwords – allows ignoring superfluous words for your search results like articles, particles, prepositions, etc.
  • Enabling synonyms – provides additional matches to your search query and extending search results by means of synonyms
  • Highly scalable search – search queries can be applied across several websites
  • Extensible design – can be incorporated with other indexes and catalogs with ease
  • Facility for extra customization – you can assign faceted search, weights to certain most desirable features to rank your query results, spelling suggestions and ‘more like this’ suggestions

Solr’s primary features include robust free-text search, hit highlighting, and search text in rich document (PDF, Microsoft Word, and so on) handling. Solr also provides more advanced features like aggregation, grouping, and geo spatial search. Faceted search is one of Apache Solr’s strongest features and is implemented within many e-commerce Websites.

Today, Solr powers the search and navigation features of many of the world’s largest Internet sites.

e-Zest can be your best solution partner for Enterprise search need

With Solr technology, e-Zest is very much capable of addressing all search mechanisms of the enterprises. e-Zest’s professionals are adept in implementing Solr technology’s fantastic capabilities for your Enterprise search requirement, along with customizing as per your enterprise needs.

e-Zest offers the following services:

  • Monitoring Apache Solr
  • Training
  • Improving performance and scalability of an existing Solr implementation
  • Integration with existing applications
  • Apache Solr customization

We at e-Zest feel that organizations that are considering using an Enterprise Search solution, should at least consider using Apache Solr and its related technology stack. The main advantage of these is that they are open source, which entails no license fees; also they are built on a highly efficient, proven technology – Apache Lucene.

Bemused by the Solr enterprise search benefits? Give it a try and brace your business!