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Liferay Migration

Transforming businesses with modern enterprise platforms

“If you want change, you have to make it. If we want progress we have to drive it.” Susan Rice

With the rapid developments and changes in the IT world, the customer needs and priorities are also rapidly changing. Liferay 6 becomes a wise choice by the customer to stay abreast of the changing times and gain a competitive advantage.

Through the e-Zest experience and success in combating technical challenges effectively, we impress upon our clients the importance of upgrading their applications to avoid:

  • Maintenance problems
  • Complex architectures
  • Difficulty in deploying
  • Obsolete technology
  • Difficulty in finding well trained resources
  • Greater challenges of scalability problems
  • Business logic mix ups
  • Problems of integration with other systems

Elements of the e-Zest migration Process:

  • A three phased approach of Analysis, Planning and Implementation.

Analysis comprises:

  • Understanding the current environment and assessing the complexity of the existing infrastructure.
  • Considering new Liferay capabilities and assessing customization based on the new Liferay functionality.
  • Assessing Liferay 6.X impacts and the impact the upgrade will have to business and the changes needed.

Planning and Defining the migration approach comprises:

  • Migration only – this does not involve any customization to the Liferay tables and no additional features are needed.
  • Migration and Enhancement – This included migration with additional and enhanced features
  • Re-Implementation – Only data migration and no out of the box portlet  and custom

Implementing the Planned Migration Process & Testing the application is the final chapter in the e-Zest Liferay Migration Services success story!

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