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MapReduce Consulting and Implementation Services

Decisions based on numbers, not hunches.

MapReduce is an extremely important part of Hadoop Big Data. Essentially, it is a software framework which is used to write applications that need to process a large amount of data. It can offer a high amount of scalability in a Hadoop cluster.

MapReduce performs two key tasks – map job and reduce job. The map job essentially takes the data and converts in into another form of data where the individual data elements are broken down. The reduce job then takes this input and reduces it into smaller sets of data.

MapReduce is great for dealing with applications that deal with large amounts of data. It is great when you have to deal with full-text indexing, reputation systems, crawling, data mining and analytics. It is a must feature for all modern large B2C and B2B SaaS applications.

So, should you adopt MapReduce? Let our MapReduce Consulting team figure it out for you. We have extensive experience of working with Hadoop and MapReduce and can leverage this experience to prescribe the best solution for your business.

e-Zest provides customized solutions for your business. Right from consultation to implementation, we follow the best practices while powering your business application with MapReduce. Our team of Hadoop engineers are primed to help you make the most out of your business data.

Want to know more about our MapReduce Consulting and Implementation Services? Drop us a mail on info@e-zest.com or tweet @ezest. Our team of consultants will help you right from strategy formation to implementation and maintenance.

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