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Automate Quality Assurance Tracking

Solution that helps an automobile OEM to comply with AIAG guildelines

Rising process complexity and workflows along with safety regulations are some key issues faced by today's globally spread corporations with many branches, huge network of employees, associates and customers spread all over the world. Moving to a web based tracking system offers real-time analysis and report generation that solves this problem.

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Key features offered by our solution that substantially improves your technology, business and productivity aspects:

Technology - Single sign-on user authentication and authorization ensures robust security of globally centralized data

Business - Highly centralized processes with automated report generation and Business Intelligence capabilities provides accurate data and eliminates errors

Productivity - Email alerts, notifications, reports sharing, with multi-user access and advanced search increases user productivity

Key benefits delivered by our solution:

  • Standardization of processes across all global offices and associates
  • Maintains uniform customer and supplier profiling diversified across countries
  • Increases efficiency and eliminates recurring errors and accidents
  • Alignment with Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) Guidelines
  • One-click management and reporting of critical tasks at all levels

Our services help you transform your business by improving technology and business efficiency, agility and productivity. Our solution also helps you reduce costs, enhance operations, streamline your supply chain, enable efficient manufacturing, improve internal processes.

We have provided solutions and services to many global organizations through our global delivery centers successfully executing hundreds of global projects in the past 15 years.

To know how you can benefit by moving from excel-based processes to web-based tracking system, speak to our digital transformation experts today by writing to info@e-zest.com.

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