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Enterprise Collaboration Services

Improving efficiency through collaboaration solutions

Collaboration is enticing with its charms globally, across far corners of the world. Ever wondered why? Collaboration has turned a fundamental requirement for every enterprise regardless of the type of industry. Simple reason being that, efficient collaboration strategies enable deeper connections with your end-consumers and partners that contribute toward the organization’s productivity. The greatest challenge in this context for any organization is to not expose the sensitive information to security risks.

Every company has massive amounts of locked up corporate data. This is to avoid access to connect and share content with both colleagues behind the firewall and third parties. This approach is no longer considered effective  in today’s dynamic business environment in which employees constantly need instant access to a variety of data from a variety of devices. And in some cases, when the business data must be shared with third parties (who are not part of the organization), this approach of data locking restricts employees.

To have control over matters, employees often make quick use of any available cloud based tool to share data.  Although these techniques seem effective, these arbitrary file sharing processes increase the risk of non-compliance. They can ultimately lead to data loss and can potentially risk the organization’s intellectual property.

e-Zest offers the following services to help enterprises address the evolving changes of an organization on the path of high growth. We adopt and implement platforms and processes to bridge your business performance with your visions. We aim to lead you through consistent improvement in your business processes, operations, employee engagement, customer management and innovation through our unique enterprise collaboration offerings.

e-Zest portfolio of Enterprise Collaboration Services covers:

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