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Enterprise Social Analytics

Re-imagining enterprises through Digital Transformation

Social analytics which is a way of gathering and measuring the interaction among people and objects is catching up momentum in the enterprise space. There is a misconception that data means intelligence. Data does not speak for itself. One should be able to analyze tons of data to derive some meaningful information out of it. Which means it is not just content that is important, it is also the people and their interactions that form up the social web.

How can social analytics improve enterprise efficiency?

Enterprise social analytics is a sort of software plug-in that extracts data from enterprise IT collaboration applications such as the email, chats, calendars, and social networks. It then uses that data to analyze the quantum of time, energy and costs that is spent in every day operations on strategic initiatives.

Enterprise social analytics is a hot commodity right now as corporate look for newer ways to capitalize on these social connections for business. Enterprises globally are seeing value in social networks and the potential they carry. This can deliver a lot of value, especially for large enterprises for resource allocation, asset utilization and time management.

e-Zest’s Enterprise Social Analytics’ solution delivers innovative methods of tracking and analyzing how your organization connects. This enables your employees to collaborate effectively ensuring your organization a higher competitive edge. Our solutions help you sight and map adoption of various collaboration tools across business verticals and the line-of-business which is often globally distributed amid work groups. These observations show how much these globally dispersed work groups are actually working together, allowing you to streamline organizational changes to promote effective collaboration.

Make the most of your collaboration investments, Contact our global network experts today to know how Enterprise Social Analytics can help your business grow. Contact us at info@e-zest.com.

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