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Enterprise Social Collaboration

Re-imagining enterprises through Digital Transformation

A new wave of Enterprise Social Collaboration (ESC) will enforce higher levels of co-operation regardless of time and location. This will enable the workforce to focus on their core task removing the drains in the productivity. These tools will enable employees to work most effectively in a way that is productive for the business.

In the years to come, generation using social media typically spanning people from teens to those in their forties will control the workforce and their behavior will begin a new way of working. These would seamlessly switch between work and social communication, work on-the-move. They will be even able to access all required tools and information they need. Hence to attract and retain these new-generation employees, organizations will have to invest in newer technologies, integrating components of social media across the enterprise to let them work effectively.

e-Zest Enterprise Social Collaboration helps you in managing these changes by empowering and integrating your enterprise collaboration with your workforce and workflows. The e-Zest Enterprise Social Collaboration is a comprehensive solution that allows you to integrate the skills and expertise of the individual with your applications. When executed, you will be in a position to act quickly, create an environment that identifies and engages the most experienced and qualified individuals for the task.

e-Zest’s solutions on social collaboration brings you the ideas and new capabilities closer to your enterprise through the following steps:

Step one: define your strategy
Firstly, we work with you to know and assess how can enterprise social collaboration help you and critically review your existing application landscape and IT ecosystems preparing you in the creation of your own collaboration roadmap. This step is essential in mapping your priorities and allows us to define the social strategy for you. We then create plan for implementation program based on clear and scalable benefits that deliver significant value.

Step two: deploy and integrate
We include various technologies and processes that are used by your people to collaborate. Any broken and inefficient processes are further studied and taken away or fixed. This is where we define how we would bring these processes further into one single, centralized structure while retaining their efficiency.  e-Zest’s integration methodology deploys the solution throughout your business in addition extends integration to various external platforms. This is essential to deliver you all the benefits of enterprise social collaboration.

Step three: Successful adoption
Here we identify potential barriers to adoption and remove them. This is essential to ensure employees use new system and stop using their previous tools. We help to enable successful adoption across your business by understanding user needs. We aim to bring about a dynamic collaborative environment that reflects the real user needs. Hence, this process includes taking corrective measures on the learnings during the deployment stage.

Step four: Manage and maintain
To improve productivity, lower costs and reduce time to action, we provide the right balance of application and hosting with operational support while providing ongoing application management. We collect feedback to suggest modifications or improvements that can be implemented in future, allowing your systems to evolve with the change in user needs and expectations.

To learn more on how to drive your business forward with enterprise collaboration, contact our e-Zest experts at info@e-zest.com.

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