Organizations all over the world are increasingly relying on the power of Liferay – An enterprise class, open source portal and content management system to streamline and bring about changes in their processes.

The e-Zest in-depth expertise in Liferay spans:

The entire gamut of development, integration, migration and support services.

The Liferay development offered by e-Zest is cost effective and customized to meet your strategic objectives.

The Liferay support team at e-Zest ensures smooth processing of different functionalities of Liferay projects.

Liferay Migration offers customization of Liferay portals using three types of deployable plug ins, which are portlets, themes and layout templates.

Some of the innovative features which make this technology practical functional and indispensable include:

    • Out-Of-the box Tools -
      This Liferay offering includes over 60 tools to customize the work environment
    • SOA Framework-
      The open SOA strategy used for development is a preferred choice for enterprise application integration enabling the integration of your existing and other sources of data.
    • Role Based Access-
      Wherein different roles are assigned to users granting varying levels of access and editing rights to specific files, applications, and tools.
    • Communities & Organizations-
      Liferay users can be grouped into a hierarchy of organizations or cross organizational communities providing flexibility and ease of administration. A user can belong to multiple groups and easily navigate between them.
    • Single click configuration-
      Time consuming tasks are made extremely simple and easy through Liferay.
    • Dynamic Drag & Drop-
      Liferay was the first portal to allow users to use a drag and drop feature to move elements around in the portal.
    • Personal space & Pages-
      The look and feel of this personal space can be customized for the user who has complete control over this space.
    • Users can be grouped together and have their own mini portals.
    • Multi language support-
      Over 22 languages can be offered support here and more can be easily incorporated.
    • Liferay portal features are compatible
      With any application server, database server or operating system.
    • Liferay CMS and Liferay collaboration offer -
      Content management, web publishing and social networking options.
  • Liferay serves as an open alternative to IBM Websphere, Oracle/BEA portal, Microsoft SharePoint, Jive Clearspace for collaboration.
  • One of the most mature framework portals in the market offering many business benefits.
  • Page Caching – Thus increasing web performance
  • Dynamic Virtual hosting – Thus extending the potential of the business and community.
  • Multi – Tier limitless clustering – Liferay’s enterprise scalability handles caching no matter how much hardware is added. Zero license fees
  • High value
  • support contracts

The e-Zest Liferay implementation roadmap includes:

  • OOB implementation
  • Self Service Portals
  • Design &development of site themes and templates
  • Development of custom web parts
  • Business centric applications
  • Design and development of custom workflows
  • Design and creation of custom security providers and authentication models
  • Knowledge sharing workspaces
  • Dynamic Web 2.0 websites
  • Revenue generating social networks
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Migration from Liferay 4.x and 5.x to 6.x

With access to the e-Zest core product expertise your technical staff acquires extensive product and development knowledge by working with our developers. This in turn, enables you to optimize your usage of the Liferay portal to maximize your existing and future IT investments.

The consulting services at e-Zest ensure that you get a robust web portal that is compatible and handy with dynamic, intuitive and time saving features. Immediate results, long term value, easy maintenance and cost effectiveness are pitched as the successful alternative to proprietary applications.