Microsoft SharePoint has gained huge popularity and acceptance as a potent business collaboration platform, which has enriched the capabilities of its earlier siblings and endowed the information worker community significantly. With SharePoint 2013, e-Zest continues to serve its client base with extending the platform’s capabilities by enabling application development, scalable collaboration platform development, compliance management, enterprise data storage and protection strategy, and records management.

In today’s changing environment, collaboration has become very crucial for every organization wanting to be successful. Quite understandable, we work better if we work together. We, at e-Zest, with numerous successful SharePoint implementations are dedicated towards providing your organizations the right SharePoint solution. With our wide experience in business processes, reporting, BI Integration, we have all the ingredients to deliver a successful SharePoint solution.

Why SharePoint 2013?

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 is a significant release with a ton of great new features with substantial improvements in key areas such as mobility, productivity and social. If you’re looking for a new SharePoint deployment or upgrading from a previous version, then now is the time to understand the new features on offer and use this as the basis of any assessment you might make.

As with earlier versions of SharePoint, the platform can be used on its own as an enterprise content management solution or web content management solution, but even greater value can be derived through its integration with the other applications in the Microsoft Office range, and the other enterprise applications (such as the Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions) that will take advantage of its capabilities over time.

To upgrade to SharePoint 2013 for the new Geo-location field or a minor feature change may not be a good idea. But there are few significant benefits that businesses believe they will realize by upgrading sooner, rather than later. The top reasons why businesses should consider upgrading to SharePoint 2013 are:

Increased productivity and adoption due to end user improvements

The major improvements in SharePoint 2013 are easy drag and drop, simpler sharing of content, embedded and intuitive social capabilities, Office Web Application integration/improvements and general UI improvements. All these will act as a strong driver for encouraging a partial upgrade of generalized team sites or content due to its potential increase in adoption and productivity.

Enterprise social

As defined by Gartner, “Enterprise social is a way to enhance communication, coordination and collaboration for business purposes.” If planned accordingly, SharePoint, along with Office tools, can certainly deliver this value to your organization. The enhanced social and overall experience more like Facebook and Twitter like which will definitely drive user adoption.

New search experience and engine

With FAST and BING capabilities new search core makes it much easier to use the OOTB search experience from an end user perspective. Content by search, continuous crawl and general performance enhancements and many minor enhancements like file type identifiers on the left of search results (for quick recognition), native PDF support on indexing, and a much more developer accessible HTML/JavaScript model of changing how search results display have made new search much better, and user friendly.


Clearly recognizing the revolutionary consumerization of IT, aka BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement, massive rise in use of mobile smart devices, Microsoft has done a great job by making it easier to access SharePoint content from a mobile device. Adding to the existing classic view, SharePoint 2013 offers two new views for mobile devices, including a contemporary view for optimized mobile browser experience and a full-screen view which enables the user to have a full desktop view of a SharePoint site on a smartphone device.

Ensure Compliance

In technology-driven enterprise environment today, organizations have more concern about Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) across the organization. SharePoint allows you to collaborate with confidence while addressing regulatory compliance requirements in a highly regulated environment.

Other Benefits

An organization will be able to leverage considerable storage savings and performance improvements based on shredded storage, improved caching, and improved control/flexibility at a site collection level. Certain capabilities may be extremely important to provide reasoning and benefits for upgrading to reduce technical limitations, or provide IT cost savings:

  • New Document Set features
  • eDiscovery Center site for managing discovery cases and holds
  • Organizations that support multiple languages may find the improvements to variations and automatic translation to be a driver for upgrading.
  • Metadata navigation, image renditions, clean URLs, and other WCM improvements may be extremely important for your public facing website or publishing based intranet.

Why is e-Zest an intelligent choice?

e-Zest has already been working with SharePoint 2013 from the time since it was in early beta programs. This means we’ve already seen it in action in an enterprise setting and can advise you on the best way to move forward with this new technology.

e-Zest is today, a name to reckon with in delivering MOSS solutions to clients. We have crystallized best practices, techniques and methods that lead to successful MOSS adoption throughout the enterprise. Our MOSS methodology and governance process ensure the maximum benefits and advantages for our clients. We can expand the capabilities of SharePoint to enhance results for organizations.