The modern day business decision maker has a tremendous advantage over his predecessors when it comes to BI tools. Business processes can be streamlined with a good BI strategy coupled with a solid base of BI technologies.

The sophisticated BI tools available today for analysis, trending and presentation of data can also boost productivity and profit.

Advantages of SharePoint BI Solution for organizations:

  • Helps realize the organizational growth
  • Can gain an insight and understanding for planning and executing effective organizational resources and units.
  • SharePoint 2010 which is a Microsoft prominent business platform enables organizations to view and interact with data on dashboard with various tools integration and feature extension.
  • Prominent tools used to provide the best BI dashboard solution on SharePoint include Excel Services 2010 & Excel Web App 2010, Visio Services, SSRS & SharePoint Server 2010 , Power Pivot &SharePoint server 2010, Business Intelligence Indexing Connector to name a few.

Microsoft’s Power Pivot allows organizations to drill in, filter and sort out any category of data in your charts.

The advantages e-Zest brings:

With e-Zest, a centralized, easy to use, secure integrated business portal capable of integrating information from various LOB and business critical systems in line with their business vision and information needs can be developed. This enables the key executives and stakeholders of any organization to make innovative strategies based on holistic information.

It helps bring together information from disparate systems and solutions – By using its’ expertise in BI and utilizing Microsoft SQL Server as the key integration platform for information from various other backend ERP and CRM systems. Through the use of best practices for integrating multiple disparate backend systems, holistic BI to the customers is delivered through integrated dashboards and portals.

A 360 degree view of information is presented through the implementation of integrated business portals for sales, service; six sigma reporting integrates information form backend ERP/CRM systems and delivers it in a centralized, secure and flexible manner through dashboards with Microsoft SharePoint.

Managing costs and complexities through a collaborative engagement model that allows interaction with the key stakeholders and decision makers, helps understand their vision, pain points and needs. After this, a solution designed to address their needs is implemented. Through clear vision, strategy and roadmap for implementation a cost effective roll out is implemented.

Continuous improvement and upgrades to the operational BI capabilities is on offer through their envisioning and support services. The e-Zest support team has expert consultants, business systems and data analysts who can continuously monitor your business information and infrastructure and give adequate recommendations for taking your BI infrastructure and solutions to the next level.

CRM Reporting, Sales and Service Portals, and Operations & IT Dashboards also form an integral part of the e-Zest offerings.

Think e-Zest to operationalize BI Cost, effectively with Microsoft platforms and enhance value with SharePoint!