e-Zest has successfully implemented SharePoint to create simple and easy to operate corporate platforms for departmental and corporate functions.

The e-Zest Expertise:

The wide range of intranets developed by e-Zest includes simple, complex and socially collaborative ones. The key strength of these portals is the empowerment ofemployees.The significant features being:

  • Easy sharing of relevant information by connecting your people to information, expertise and personalized information data.
  • Collaboration on work processes and connecting your people to key applications.
  • Communication in a secure environment.
  • Integration of the familiar office productivity tools into the overall environment.
  • The Intranet implementation includes enterprise and social intranets and brings in a seamless introduction of the concepts and design philosophies of Enterprise 2.0 and networking into your organization.
  • Single Source of Truth ’’ intranet implementations delivered across various industries.
  • The intranet implementations cover a diverse section of Industries such as the – Entertainment, Education, Museums, Manufacturing and Financial and many others.
  • Integration of functions on SharePoint include :

Marketing workflow application to manage sales pipeline, integrated with your CRM solution.

Enhancement of the effectiveness of the HR Portal to manage employee related workflow.

Management portal for different departmental information through BI dashboards.

The use of social networking features to improve cross functional communication and collaborations.

Intranets today have evolved from just being information and document sharing solutions to primary drivers of enterprise knowledge and employee productivity. An employees’ daily work can be enhanced through an effective use of intranet, content, data, documents, processes and delivery of information and data. This can be achieved through collaborative and self service web based applications and tools.

The e- Zest Methodology:

  • Envisions your intranet and develops a strategy and roadmap for the implementation
  • Designs the information architecture and best practices for your intranet
  • Designs the user experience and the infrastructure
  • Completes implementation of the intranet from the installation & configuration of SharePoint to a complete development of the intranet features &functionalities
  • Rolls out support of your intranet within your organization either as a pilot or as a complete enterprise wide roll out.
  • Offers continual support to keep you SharePoint intranet infrastructure and solutions sound and healthy.

It is a prudent and wise decision to implement intranets 2.0 for an organization.
The major benefits of doing so are:
Better enablement of your employees for improved productivity and efficiency, retaining Enterprise knowledge by fostering communities and optimizing the formal by integrating with the informal.