e-Zest offers your business powerful tools to inspire business workflow design, team productivity and collaborative working methods.

We will recommend the ideal SharePoint solution and partner with you to implement the technology using the industry best practices.  We provide value addition by leveraging our vast experience and tools at our disposal. Our expertise spans the 3 phases of:

  • Designing the right SharePoint plan and architecture that is appropriate for your business requirements.
  • Planning the implementation or migration from start to finish.It includes preparation, hardware and software requirements, risk assessment, milestone development implementation planning and wrap up tasks.
  • Assisting in the implementation or migration on a time and materials basis project.

At e-Zest, we have a proven set of SharePoint implementation best practices to ensure your solution meets both short and long term needs. We carefully analyze the implementation objectives, environment, and management to define configuration options, data security requirements, departmental, group, team and personnel structuring and key reporting requirements.

We help our clients envision, plan and manage SharePoint for successful collaboration, business processes, information and self service by business users. We understand their key points and priorities deploy the functionalities in a phased manner and impart proper training. SharePoint can be utilized to integrate information, content, data and bridge gaps that exist in the system in terms of flexibility, self service, turnkey tools and applications.  Our goal is to improve productivity, increase efficiency and achieve cost savings.

The right implementation of SharePoint therefore is crucial in order to avoid wastage of time in making rectifications later. Partnering with e- Zest therefore goes a long way towards creating the right implementation through our expertise. We leverage SharePoint to improve business productivity and efficiency thus impacting the revenue and earnings of our clients positively.