The SharePoint load testing and optimization process is crucial in ensuring the effective roll out and performance of your SharePoint site.

It is prudent to identify problems and bottlenecks before they affect the users as well as check out new architecture before putting them into production.

The benefits that e-Zest offers:

  • A world class test practice approach and an innovative and dedicated team to disseminate testing methodologies.
  • Testing processes that include process accelerators that not only improve the quality and speed to market but help you in monitoring overall project health throughout the product development.
  • The QA processes include a stringent quality testing schedule to ensure strict adherence to client requirements and instructional design quality standards through robust internal instructional design reviews and the application of style guides.
  • Collaborative relationships with clients and software vendors.
  • Quality management and testing through a thorough understanding of the clients’ industries and their needs.
  • Through the use of MANTIS bug tracking software & a few robust tools the supervised quality testing process is automated and errors and testing time minimized. The dedicated QA team at e-Zest ensures that quality standards are applied throughout the application. It also delivers testing metrics analysis and feedback to the client at project closure.
  • Its’ extensive experience can be put to good use by maximizing the value of existing IT investments, integrating new IT paradigms and addressing quality from a business perspective.
  • Helps you get a jump start in testing and successfully implements the products you need to support your business.
  • QA testing services within a very short span of time without any compromise on the quality and delivery schedule.
  • Helps your organization focus on your core business.
  • Ready to use secure setup and infrastructure which optimizes your IT investments.
  • Has a team of certified testing professionals and their implementation process comprises:
    • Identifying the project information and software components to be tested
    • Recommending the testing strategy
    • Identifying the right resources
    • Defining deliverable responsibilities and the strategy to be adapted while testing
    • Building test environment set up
    • Identifying associated risks
    • Defining the activities required to conduct testing and communicating the plan to the entire team

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