Many applications do not necessarily match within SharePoint OOB features and require custom development which in turn requires the expertise of the.Net developers, who generally use Visual Studio and program in C# or VB.Net.

SharePoint has a rich object model for.Net applications to directly access the data stored in SharePoint as well as the configuration of SharePoint sites and services. The ERP and CRM systems that are implemented prove to be just a repository of transactional records and do not live up to the need of the hour. The business user today needs an environment that permits them to collaborate, share information, discuss, manage documents, take decisions and achieve focused goals and objectives in a self service manner.  The SharePoint platform therefore, can be leveraged to improve your existing infrastructure, help realize better value and ROI while maintaining a low total cost of ownership.

The e-Zest experience includes working on dozens of applications that touch base with almost all the pillars of SharePoint including Line of business forms, Workflows, Collaboration, Content Management, and Portal and so on.

The common ways of extending SharePoint applications with code are:

  • Custom Web parts
  • Custom.NET workflows
  • .NET Event Handlers
  • Custom authentication providers
  • Extensions that run inside InfoPath, Word or other Microsoft office products
  • ASPX web pages with code-behind
  • Web services

How can e-Zest help?

By delivering solutions that go beyond transactions:

It provides solutions that go beyond just the capability of managing transactions. Self service is encouraged and wastage of time on finding information and following processes manually is successfully eliminated. The best of breed features of the SharePoint platform which include collaboration, web parts, personalization, dashboards, contextual components, workflows and reporting among others into the applications are brought in for the business users.

Enhancing Value for the Business User:

Through the employment of the e-Zest collaborative model the needs of the business users are addressed, not only from the features and functionality viewpoint but also in terms of the value that they expect from the solution. Our design and implementation approach always has the needs of the target user as the focal point.

By adhering to and managing the information security needs:

At e-Zest information security is considered as one of the top design goals of the solutions that are implemented. A close coordination at work with ERP/CRM groups ensures that not all information is exposed, or that which is exposed cannot be edited by the business users. Several validation rules that enforce information and data security are implemented. The solutions incorporate role based dashboards which extract and deliver information from the ERP/CRM systems in a contextual manner based on the role of the logged in user.

Enabling the standardization of processes and formats across the organization:

A component based design methodology is followed when developing applications with SharePoint. These components can be re-used across various processes across different departments and business units helping business users to have a common understanding of how the processes work. Assistance in implementing of standard document formats which automate the population of information within the documents help users to spend less time on data entry and spend more time on strategizing and perfecting the documents.

Integration of existing ERP &CRM systems and with Microsoft SharePoint to deliver extended functionalities:

Robust solutions on SharePoint developed by e-Zest can be implemented to add value to your business right from envisioning of the solution to the various phases of design, architecture, implementation, stabilization roll out and continual support. The concept and design philosophies of Enterprise 2.0 can be well integrated within your organization.

Harness the e-Zest competency and experience to use SharePoint as a business catalyst product to realize the true potential of your IT investments and develop it as the next generation business platform.