Need of SharePoint integration with UI tool arises because there are many UI features or functionalities which are not possible to go with SharePoint features directly.

Some UI features and functionalities cannot be directly matched with SharePoint features. These include:

  • Advance search or filters for grids
  • Grouping at more than one level
  • Columns with different colors to highlight something
  • Mark a full row with a particular color to highlight a particular status
  • Change the size of a column
  • Select multiple rows to take a specific action like export or submit
  • Totals, sub totals, averages and so on for more than one level
  • Add icons to the columns to show row status

e-Zest proposes to use third party UI components e.g. Telerik, Infragistics.The advantages of using Telerik/Infragistics components for the application migration include:

  • ASP.Net AJAX controls to improve performance of the applications as well as enhance the development process.
  • Improving the usability and speeding the development through the full package of components with a lot of controls.
  • Improvement in user experience with the applications in terms of usability.

e-Zest while maintaining the uniqueness of each client helps optimize organizational performance!