Microsoft SharePoint design and architecture is a critical component, as it takes into consideration all business units, workflow design, compliance requirements, budget restrictions and future growth. With e-Zest SharePoint architecture and design skills we help you build robust and scalable solutions.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, e-Zest combines product deployment with strategic IT planning, business intelligence, and custom application development to create unique, customized solutions geared to cater to diverse business requirements.

Our wide array of SharePoint services includes roadmap planning, worksites design, employee portals, web parts, implementation, application and so on. The Roadmap planning forms a vital and integral part of our services. It is the starting point on the path of achieving business results through your investment in SharePoint. The various phases comprise:

  • Definition – of a SharePoint implementation plan
  • Building – of a structured approach
  • Comprehensive Assessment – of the organizational infrastructure
  • Recommendation- of a business plan for successful SharePoint Integration

A combination of the above, equips your organization to view the overall business scenario with greater clarity.

The e-Zest SharePoint Design and Architecture offering:

  • We have expertise & an eye for detail to develop a unique design and architecture for your SharePoint software solution.
  • We can assess the feasibility of your design through prototypes or pilot engagements.
  • We follow the best practices for infrastructure, migration and performance considerations.
  • We will expedite your time to market while decreasing your solutions time to value.
  • Our expertise can map functional requirements to the core capabilities of your software solution.
  • We will maximize the value of your software solution by providing flexibility and adaptability through our expertise.
  • We can assist you to define your product scope.
  • We can review and validate solution design.
  • Our experts can provide detailed estimates.
  • We identify skills gaps and recommend enablement and training needs.
  • We address infrastructure, migration and performance considerations.
  • We can guide you in identifying application scenarios through our design and architecture process.

Team up with e-Zest to avail our SharePoint Design & Architecture to reap great benefits & returns on your investment through our time tested and proven approach!