One of the main focus areas at e-Zest is enhancing the user experience. While developing a SharePoint solution the emphasis is on making it intuitive, attractive and representative of the organization’s brand and professionalism which in turn drives action and adoption.

e-Zest effectively uses the SharePoint portal or SharePoint public website, by providing SharePoint user experience design and customization services to apply your organization’s unique brand identity and experience throughout.

Equipped with a deep insight and understanding, the competent team at e-Zest ensures that the user experience is intuitive, cohesively branded and engaging to ensure successful deployment end user adoption and action. The team’s expertise encompasses SharePoint creative design, style sheets, site templates, master pages, HTML and SharePoint settings that define the look and feel of your SharePoint solution.

It is crucial that the SharePoint user experience design fully represents the organization’s brand and professionalism. Therefore the SharePoint user design becomes imperative and critical whether it is SharePoint portal solutions, SharePoint public website solutions or whether the SharePoint portal is an intranet or extranet. The public websites cater to a wide section of target audience including customers, partners, current and future employees hence have to be attractive and convey effective messages.

With e-Zest you can be confident of achieving excellent and innovative SharePoint user design work!