Through the e-Zest ramp up Services your first project with your own developers can be pointed in the right direction and all troubles eliminated.

e-Zest SharePoint consulting provides the perfect fit for all your in house projects.

Benefits of e-Zest SharePoint Consulting:

The services come with manifold benefits of –

  • Avoiding common pitfalls and minimizing risks by exploiting best practices, repeatable processes and proven experience
  • Getting your software running quickly with limited scope installation, configuration, skills transfer and proof –of-concept engagements
  • Cost savings
  • Speeding your time to market while decreasing your solution’s time to value
  • Imparting training to developers and end users
  • Helping you identify and make reusable components of the project
  • Mentoring and Team Augmentation services offered by our consultants
  • Helping you earn equity from the project during the assignment
  • Getting your SharePoint project on the right track by establishing prerequisites, installing the appropriate SharePoint software and helping to ensure that your SharePoint development environments are ready for deployment
  • Creating and implementing a simple business process through the consultancy services available here. This knowledge can then be leveraged to plan and design a broader set of processes for your business

e-Zest SharePoint consulting expertise across various industries includes:

  • Software Services & Solutions Providers
  • Tele- Communication Industry
  • Health Care Industry
  • FMCG  Industry
  • Utility Industry
  • System Integration & Networking Industry
  • Personal & Other Services Industry ( Fire Service Industry )

The consultants at e-Zest understand that businesses falling under one industry domain may be similar but the exact needs of each of the businesses would definitely be different. They also understand that every organization may be at a different stage of SharePoint usage; therefore the consulting needs would vary and have to be tailored accordingly.

If you want:

  • A proven track record
  • A deep insight into the benefits and drawbacks of your projects
  • Excellent support for your existing infrastructure
  • Maximization of your business efficiencies
  • A review of your software solutions to show you how you can stay ahead of the technology curve