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Public Services for International Agencies

Empowering the public sector with the power of technology

Agencies in the public sector carry out important, sensitive tasks that serve as unsung cogs in the wheels of the world. The tasks often involve sensitive data and demand the highest levels of compliance and process maturity. Agencies around the world have adopted IT to streamline their processes, implement workflows and bolster data security. These promises of IT can only be realized with a technology partner who carries the relevant experience and the understanding of how the public sector works.

At e-Zest, our experience in the public sector has indeed helped us be a preferred technology partner for many reputed international agencies. We understand the necessity of compliance and the adherence to processes that are needed in this sector. We also understand the kind of technology suites that suit such agencies. Our public service practices are dedicated to sharpening our skills in such technologies and make us better equipped every day for the needs of the public sector. Our process experts have also conducted onsite audits to help our customers streamline their processes.

Our proven services for the public sector include:

  • Setting up offshore and nearshore development centers
  • Implementing SharePoint for better collaboration and knowledge management
  • Implementing custom solutions and product modernization
  • Staff augmentation with dedicated account management
  • Creating websites with a custom design
  • Revamping websites with a new-age user experience
  • Technical and process audits and recommendations
  • Implementing e-learning solutions for better personnel training
  • Deploying mobile content accelerators for effective content consumption

Our services for the public sector have been honed by thousands of man-hours in all aspects of IT implementation. These services have earned kudos from our customers who have trusted us to be their key partner for IT solutions. If you wish to know more about our public sector services, please contact us at info@e-zest.com. You could also tweet us at @ezest.

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