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NoSQL Consulting and Development Services

Building solutions for the Big Data world

Today’s enterprises have to increasingly deal with large volumes of unstructured data. While traditionally organisations relied on relational database systems (RDBMS) for database management, an increase in database load have sent the administrators scurrying for an agile delivery system to store and process this influx of data. A non-relational model called NoSQL is providing an effective alternative to traditional SQL databases.

While there is no standard definition of NoSQL (or not only SQL), these databases can be characterised as non-relational, distributed, open-source and horizontally scalable. In legacy database systems, expanding data requirements meant vertical and/or horizontal expansion of servers. Newer business ecosystems meant having databases that have to scale out into commodity clusters like Cloud. The NoSQL systems are typically designed for these clusters. Cloud computing has made this significantly easier by providing unlimited bandwidth on demand. Also, NoSQL alternatives can handle large chunks of ‘big data’, easily trumping the biggest RDBMS.

e-Zest’s experience of working and delivering NoSQL-focused services brings to you the necessary guidance and expertise to leverage this technology for your business needs. Also, selecting the right database for your applications is critical. We understand your needs and offer NoSQL technologies most suitable for your applications. Now, platform is critical for all the stakeholders of your business.  We consider your goals, needs and challenges to arrive at the best technology fit for you.

Our NoSQL Consulting and Development services include:

  • DynamoDB – Used when large database solutions are needed.
  • MongoDB – Best used for dynamic queries, frequently written and rarely read statistical data. Programmer friendly database.
  • CouchDB – Best for accumulating and occasionally changing data with pre-defined queries. Enables rapid development.
  • Cassandra – Useful when data sets come in at hi-speeds from multiple locations and can add up quickly.

Apart from the ability to support large data sets, NoSQL offers a host of other benefits to enterprises. Application development through relational databases involved a lot of effort on part of the developers. Non-relational databases can significantly reduce developer hours and help them focus on other business critical objectives. While it requires careful management or application downtime to carry out changes in the data model of RDBMS, NoSQL are built to allow insertion of data without a predefined schema. Moreover, RDBMS requires expensive proprietary servers and storage systems. NoSQL databases use cheap commodity servers and offer a much lower price point to consumers.

We have a highly evolved service delivery model owing to extensive hands on experience with NoSQL. e-Zest helps customers by selecting the best systems and delivering great architecture design, development, implementation and deployment solutions aligned with their objectives. We also offer support services to make sure that your systems are always attuned to perform at their best.

In case you have questions about NoSQL databases, reach us on info@e-zest.com. Our team of consultants will help you right from strategy formation to implementation and maintenance.

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