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Cassandra Consulting and Development Services

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Apache Cassandra is one of the most popular NoSQL databases in use today. The database is preferred by leading websites such as Netflix, Twitter and eBay. In fact, the official Cassandra website claims that the largest known Cassandra set up involves 300TB of data over 400 machines. While it is a NoSQL database, it is fundamentally different from other non-relational database systems such as MongoDB or CouchDB.

This open NoSQL database inherits a lot from Google’s BigTable data model and Amazon’s Dynamo architecture, two of the most powerful databases today. Cassandra is built to handle large amounts of data across clusters of commodity servers like the cloud. Developers used to RDBMS should feel comfortable using the Cassandra Query Language (CQL) whose syntax is closely modelled on the SQL.

While the Cassandra data model looks relational, the characteristics are completely different. Cassandra is a column-family database which stores data as row keys and sets of tuples resembling tables. These tables are schema less and optimised for distribution. The row keys allow the structure to shard the data around the cluster.

So, is Cassandra the right database for your business requirements? Let our friendly engineers at e-Zest figure it out for you. We bring with us our expertise developed by working hands-on with Cassandra. Based on our experience with distributed systems, you can be sure of a great application which harnesses the power of Cassandra.

Now, Cassandra is a great fit for many applications. The database is particularly useful when time series data is involved. With the explosion of big data coming in from devices and sensors, the importance of this database cannot be stressed enough. Cassandra offers fast write capability, scalability, availability, and high performance which are required for data sets which come in at hi-speeds, multiple locations and can add up quickly. Cassandra also delivers well on product catalogues owing to its reliable database. Recommendations can also be powered by this database. Cassandra’s wonderful caching support also makes it ideal for back-end storage for messaging.

Depending on the nature of your requirement, e-Zest provides tailor-made solutions. From consultation to deployment, e-Zest leverages the best practices of Cassandra to help fulfil your strategic business objectives. While it is a complex system, we have truly mastered it and offer the best capabilities of installing Cassandra on different platforms; implementing the best maintenance practices for your applications. Offering cutting-edge solutions to our customers which give them a significant competitive boost; we believe in complete ownership of customer’s applications realised through our skilled engineers, rich domain knowledge and extensive experience.

In case you have questions about implementing Cassandra, reach us on info@e-zest.com. Our team of consultants will help you right from strategy formation to implementation and maintenance.

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