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Platform for
Donation Campaigns

Mobile app for showcasing campaigns and aid donation for a international rights organisation

A mobile application to read up on stories and news on human rights, watch videos on projects, victims and survivors, learn about our rights, share information with friends, and solicit donations for a
worthy cause.

An application that makes it easier for people around the world to support the movement against human rights violations.

Project Goal

We were instructed to design a mobile app with a quiz feature for users to assess their knowledge of the struggle to uphold universal human rights. The client also wanted to provide search and push
notification features.

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Challenges and Solutions
This project was built from scratch. The requirements were not clear and there was no content available. Input was taken from various users as the sample population and information architecture was created. The content was finalized and then brought out in wireframe format. Visual strategy documents were provided to the client for feedback. Visual design was implemented after client finalized the strategy.

App available online for all Android and iOS devices.

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