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Supply Chain Management

Powering the supply chain digitally

In this volatile world, it is next to impossible to drive production based on demand. The old logic of mapping demand and supply is becoming more complex than ever before. To respond to today’s demands, you need quicker and precise solutions at the supply side. Adopting digital technologies backed by predictive analytics can keep purchasing, manufacturing and distribution processes and people aligned.

Using digital solutions powered by cloud and big data technologies, you can easily manage your demand and supply chain along with inventory. Using structured and unstructured data coming from multiple channels such as POS applications, market trends, social media, CRM, tracking devices, ERP data and purchase patterns, you can ensure faster response to market demand. For real-time inventory tracking, you can employ RFID tags, cloud-based GPS systems and IoT-enabled sensors to have better control and visibility over the inventory.

The digitally powered supply chain helps you reduce manufacturing lead times, optimize costs, improve visibility and predictability in operations, increase asset utilization and collaboration with stakeholders. Digital solutions empower your business greatly. For instance, if you are a fleet management company, digital solutions can cover end-to-end business processes including details of vehicle purchase, insurance details and related notifications, fuel details, performance reports, current location, next booking, ROI earned, and so on.

e-Zest, through digital technologies such as IoT, cloud computing, Big Data & Analytics, offers digital transformation services in warehouse management, real-time inventory tracking solutions, collaboration platforms, assent management, stock predictions, cross-store inventory management and wastage analytics.

If you are looking for a Digital Innovation partner who can digitize your supply chain operations, get in touch with our experts today!

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