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Supply Chain Management

Re-imagining enterprises through Digital Transformation

Mobile Technology has one property synonymous to that of a liquid. Just like a liquid takes the shape of any container that holds it, Mobile Technology can be adapted in as many ways as it is possible for the industry it is being implemented for. One of the most important aspects of effectively managing any establishment that services customers on a regular basis is Supply Chain Management. This is all the more applicable in the case of organizations that caters to a large chunk of customers’ medical needs. Following are the challenges faced by any such establishment:

  • Synchronizing demand and supply planning
  • Identification of Counterfeit drugs
  • Lean inventory

Why is SCM important?

Our team at e-Zest, after thorough research, has found out that the expenses required for supplies, drugs and consumables can go up to as much as 45% of the total operating expenses of the hospital. This fact alone is good enough to lay emphasis on how important SCM is for Medical Establishment. At e-Zest, we make our clients aware of the following features of Mobile SCM for a Medical establishment:

  1. Workflow management
  2. Distribution planning and order fulfillment
  3. Counterfeit drug verification

Any medical establishment can create savings that impact the range of acquired margins by delivering hyper-targeted operational efficiencies. This can only be achieved via a fully functional Hospital Mobile Supply Chain Solution. Following are the benefits of implementing such a solution:

  • Acquisition, retaining, integration and normalization of your total supply spend data in a single location
  • Great reduction in supply spend, improvement in charge capture and reduction in staff time
  • Development and Enhancement of resource management analysis and decision-making
  • Other features include comprehensive procurement and aggregated analysis on the go

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