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Rising process complexity and workflows along with safety regulations are some key issues faced by today's globally spread corporations with many branches, huge network of employees, associates and customers spread all over the world. Moving to a web based tracking system offers real-time analysis and report generation that solves this problem.


Yokowo Case study Banner new.jpg

SharePoint 2016 is a leader in collaborative solutions and is a lot more stable and faster as compared to its 2013 version. SharePoint 2013 was not very user-friendly and did not allow the bulk uploading of files. It is therefore essential to migrate to SharePoint 2016 for efficient performance.


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Technology Experts @ e-Zest

Rajkumar Solomons
Regional Manager, Microsoft

Rohit Srivastwa
Senior Director, Quickheal Technologies

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Subodh Sohoni
MVP, DevOps Architect
Vikram Pendse
MVP, Technology Leader
Mahesh Mitkari
MVP, Enterprise Architect
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Sr. Project Manager
Amit Karande
Project Manager
Prathamesh Shirguppe
Technology Leader

Swapnil Gade
Technology Leader

Yogesh Kale
Technology Leader

Saurabh Kurvey
Business Manager

Dipak Vispute
UX Designer

We engaged with e-Zest for development and offshore staff augmentation. We got tremendous amount of inputs from e-Zest by working with their architects and developers. We worked with e-Zest for number of years and e-Zest enable us to have a good production and high quality that add a long value to our process.

Stephen Forte, Corzen

e-Zest Solutions is digital experience engineering company with facilities in the United States (Detroit & San Jose), Germany (Hannover), United Kingdom (London UK) and India (Pune) with global clientele. Our services include custom software development, offshore software development, UX consulting, BigData, Managed cloud Services (Azure & AWS), SharePoint consulting/Migration, Enterprise Java application development, Automated software testing services.