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Amit Singh

SVP Sales – Healthcare, Pharma & Life Sciences

Amit is a seasoned professional with an impressive track record spanning over 24 years in the Healthcare and IT sectors, focusing on delivering cutting-edge solutions and services within the healthcare space.

His professional journey began in IT development at Infosys, progressing through a significant tenure at Capgemini, where he dedicated more than a decade to achieving excellence. Amit’s career then diversified into pivotal roles in pre-sales and account management at renowned firms such as HCL and Dell Services, culminating in leadership positions in sales for the healthcare vertical at HP Enterprises and directing the healthcare practice at JK Tech.

Throughout his tenure in the industry, Amit has distinguished himself as a technology leader and sales executive, fostering collaborations across a broad spectrum of entities, from payers and providers to EHR solution providers and life sciences companies. Most recently, as the Chief Commercial Officer at LightSphere AI Inc., a leading healthcare AI startup, Amit played a critical role in developing comprehensive strategies across sales, marketing, and operations, contributing to the success and innovation of their flagship product, OmMeGo. This product has revolutionized health coaching and consumer health management by integrating advanced technologies such as automatic habit tracking, social networking for health collaboration, and sophisticated analytics through graph learning and statistical NLP.

Currently, at the helm of global healthcare sales and account management at e-Zest, Amit is entrusted with the critical role of driving overall growth and enhancing the customer experience. Based in Chicago, Illinois, he is esteemed as a trusted business advisor, leveraging his vast experience and visionary outlook to guide healthcare clients through their IT transformation and AI journey, fostering engagement and evolution.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Amit harbors a deep passion for sports, particularly tennis and racquetball. He holds an MBA degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management. Amit's commitment extends beyond personal achievements; he is a staunch advocate for social contribution, actively engaging in and promoting initiatives aimed at giving back to the community.

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