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Business Processes and Workflows

Build the right business process and workflows with SharePoint

Setting the right business processes are key to any organization. Workflows are nothing but the automation of these business processes where information is passed to people in the network according to set rules. The modern breed of businesses undertake various automations to improve processes. While changing business processes, any downtime can cost the company a lot in terms of opportunity and costs.

In the digital era, where businesses need to respond to market conditions in real-time, you need robust software to manage processes and workflows. Human process automation through workflows leads to improved transparency, speed and efficiency.

With the right tool, companies can identify and fill gaps in their business processes, while being compatible with existing systems. Tools offer a convenient way to deliver integrated processes in a multi-system environment. Typically, businesses employ third party tools for automation.

Third party tools like Nintex offer multiple workflow capabilities on the SharePoint platform. These tools can be used when:

  • Many workflows are to be automated across organizations
  • Power users are available or can be trained to build workflows fast (no coding in most cases)
  • Support availability from vendor

We highly recommend SharePoint as a platform for building business processes and workflows. Essentially, there are four ways to build workflows on a tool such as SharePoint:

  • Out of box workflows
  • SharePoint Designer
  • Visual Studio-based development
  • Use of BPM tools such as Nintex

SharePoint can easily help you build workflows for HR (leave and helpdesk management), marketing and finance (MSA and NDA creation, approval and storage) processes.

To learn more about our solutions for Business Processes and Workflows, write to us at info@e-zest.com.

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